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Consider what measures you are willing to take for every student.List these on your syllabus (often this is just a matter of making explicit best practices that you regularly use).

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It is true, however, that their short circuit or processing glitch causes them to see things differently and sometimes obscures their intelligence. PBS Video, 1320 Braddock Place, Alexandria, Virginia 22314-1698.

It is possible that a number of the students whom we view as poor language learners are struggling because they have a learning disability.

Dyslexia is the term that is usually used to cover a very broad range of learning disabilities which involve language processing deficits. The Unschooled Mind: How Children Learn and How Schools Should Teach.

By: Christine Root It is estimated that in the United States 15% of the general population has a learning disability. What the Good Language Learner Can Teach Us, TESOL Quarterly, 9, 1 , pp.

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It is possible that many of the ESL students whom we view as poor language learners are struggling because they too have a learning disability.

It will focus on ESL teaching in terms of two considerations: classroom behaviors generally manifested by people who have learning disabilities and common sense techniques that can be incorporated into classroom routines to vastly improve the classroom environment for people having learning disabilities.