America american dating marriage statistics

18-Jun-2020 16:21

In our modern American culture, arranged marriage is rare, if you hear of one, it seems abnormal. My professor is from Africa, she moved to America shortly after her undergrad years.

However, in other cultures, it is normal to have an arranged marriage. She had been married, through an arranged marriage, before she came over.

In America, we take for granted that we have the ability to choose our own spouse, well, most of us.

We have the chance to play the field a little and fall in love a few times before we find “the one.” In other cultures, like Africa, you don’t have that chance, much less the ability to divorce.

But what happens when you are an American with a different cultural background?I guess having your marriage arranged by your parents doesn’t seem that bad compared to what American society could become.It shouldn’t seem to be out of the norm that people with other cultural backgrounds practice things such as arranged marriage, but it is.If you can legally make your own decisions, than you can choose your own spouse.

But, when you have a different cultural background, would you go against your traditional culture just to comply with American norms?At least if we marry and have irreconcilable differences, we can leave the marriage.

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