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02-Oct-2020 10:42

If you're writing a check quickly, slow down when you get to the signature line.

Your bank has a sample of your signature and if you write it out too fast, your bank may deem it illegible and bounce your check.

"It does not include any checks you may have written but didn't present to the bank." Your available balance, on the other hand, "is the amount of the account's 'present balance' that is available for immediate use.

Certain pending transactions, such as deposits that contain checks, may not be immediately available and wouldn't be included in the available balance." Ensure that you have enough money in your available balance to cover checks that may clear that day. Though it may seem old fashioned, keeping a checkbook register can be an effective way to prevent this issue.

Instead of taking that risk, let the payee know that you want to put a stop payment on their check (to avoid double-cashing) and send them a new one. Post-dating checks was a common (though not exactly above-board) practice when checks were the primary means of paying bills.

People would give their payees checks when their payments were due, but date it for a future time when the money would actually be in their account.

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If you mess up, write a new check instead of crossing out information on the old one.

Of course, checks will also bounce if you forget to sign them altogether.