Blind dating stories

14-Oct-2019 06:27

Ten years, thousands of applicants, and nearly 500 dates later, we’re here to report that, despite superhuman attempts, no happy nuptials have ensued.

(At least, we’re still waiting for that wedding invitation.) Like our singles, Cupid has suffered through the indignities of the dating life.

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“A little bit of exhibitionism,” says 30-year-old copywriter Barry Epstein. And I wanted to try something new, because nothing else had been working.” (Epstein took heat for asking how much his date paid to rent his apartment — but he maintains the question was prompted because his date bragged about his swimming pool.)“I wanted to meet someone totally outside my circle, because I always date the same person — and you set me up with the same person!

The risk is real: Women and men they know have had their drinks spiked with roofies.

For Emily, the age-old debate of who pays on a first date is filtered through this prism. ”For all of the drama, these daters have faith that the apps’ algorithms will ultimately pay off.

We’ve been stood up, ghosted by daters who dined on our dime and were never heard from again, and snookered by those who showed up looking nothing like their profile pictures.

Together, Bostonians have borne witness to this human parade of mismatches, swapped insults, and, perhaps most crushing, couples who had a pleasant encounter but reported “no spark.”But we’ll keep on keeping on.

“I’ve gone on a date after talking to someone for half an hour. I’ll share what I feel like sharing, and you figure out the rest.”But that anonymity makes safety a more pressing concern.