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He is stopped by Matter-Eater Lad, who eats the machine, and both are committed to a mental institution (the energies of the Machine having driven Matter-Eater Lad insane).

Brainiac 5 eventually recovers his sanity and rejoins the group.

He later manages to cure Matter-Eater Lad's insanity.

Around this time, he corrects another of his mistakes by finding a way of controlling Computo.

When Stargrave murders Ultra Boy's ex-girlfriend An Ryd, Brainiac 5 frames Ultra Boy for the murder.

Chameleon Boy, who suspected Brainiac 5 from the beginning, finds proof when Brainiac's madness leads him to an attempt to destroy the universe using the Miracle Machine, a device that turns thoughts into reality.

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Brainiac 5 is a green-skinned, blond-haired teenage native of the planet Colu, who claimed to be descended from the original Brainiac, one of Superman's deadliest enemies.Brainiac 5 joined Stargrave to battle the sorcerer Mordru, but the android's influence would haunt him long after that.

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