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The .224 AR is similar to the 6mm AR, except that it is set up to shoot the widely available .224 diameter bullets. which is about 6.5 gr more capacity than a .223 Rem.

The .224 AR also has a case length that makes it ideal for shooting the larger .224 bullets (75 - 90 gr) loaded at magazine length.

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Recently Hornady has made brass for the 6mm HAGAR under a special contract.

This brass is exceptionally well made and very consistent and is in stock. of water weight) that allows it to be an awesome competition round for high power and also and exceptional varmint and hunting round.

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It feeds and functions 100% out of an AR-15, and is an excellent varmint cartridge - almost no recoil, very high accurate velocities and explosive bullet performance.This group was shot slow prone with a sling at 100 yards.