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12-Aug-2020 08:29

For shorter time slots, like Comedy Central’s thirty-minute The Daily Show, the numbers hover around 22 minutes of program, meaning 23% of show is not show.One-hour shows, cable and broadcast, now typically have 43 minutes of actual program compared with 48 minutes in the late 80’s—a 9% commercial creep.Microsoft Office is cluttered with annoying ads, bobbling heads sell auto insurance; worse, on many forum sites you have to pay NOT to get animated ads littering your visual fields. Moreover, regulatory and common sense firewalls against the "pitchman's" blandishments have been displaced by juicy promises of Smart Phones and net apps laced with "customized" ad programs that track your latest search terms. And you don’t believe Big Brother is following you? Today, American viewers will endure approximately three hours of advertisements in a 10 hour viewing period, twice what they would have seen in the 1960s.Wall Street calls inserting advertising, monetizing. The commercial metastasis wasn’t always this aggressive, what happened?This morning on the Today Show I counted 21 commercials within a 7-minute time span, broken up by a 3-minute piece of news content, I am not totally unrealistic, of course.I know that advertising pays for Suits, Castle, Elementary, The Good Wife and Persons of Interest, some of my favorites.And at the same time, Louis's mother comes and visits him to tell him the news that she is a lesbian.But Louis thinks that the mom is self centered and thinks the world revolves around her and is mad.

It was followed several decades later by Ti Vo and then DVR, which afforded time-shifted viewing and remote FF function.But if we think about the world CK paints, the characters aren't particularly sad in contrast to the world.It is just that we are set in a dark and comical yet fair world. Ping ponged back and forth by two rigid characters whose setup is where they were setting up the episode.According to journalist Rick Heldenfels, during the deregulation frenzy of the business-biased Reagan era, the FCC abandoned all commercial limits in prime time.

Except for children’s television, this left the amount of commercial time per hour up to the discretion of the networks.But Networks and their local affiliates are huge profit machines. Since profit is revenue minus cost, obviously fewer commercials are both possible and affordable.

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