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A white spectre greets you, like Virgil greeting Dante, and invites you to find your way to the realm's centre.

The ensuing landscapes slide from cathedrals and caves to scenes of modern urban decrepitude.

Ticking along throughout your voyage is a Corruption metre, which imposes a variable time limit on your journey.

Allow it to fill before you've found your way to the bottom of the labyrinth, and you'll trigger one of three endings.

Lucah's world is an awful place to live, but it's never less than mesmerising.

I can't think of a game whose art direction better supports its core themes - sorrow and isolation manifest as scratchy 2D wireframe designs that feel like they've been gouged into a prison wall.

It dissolves everything into something you've not quite seen before.

She done multiple charity livestreams, including a 24 hour charity stream from February 15-16 named Project Red Sun to raise money for The American Diabetes Association.

" when something doesn't comply with her in the game.

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