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14-Jul-2020 09:28

The nice thing about the Philippines is that with the exchange rate some of us middle class not handsome guys can have enough money to offset our faults so that we end up fitting into the prince formula for the lady.

It is something like 10 times the money can account for being 10 years older and not so handsome. Now the trick is to find a lady that will stay with you after finding out we don't have 10 times the money of the people in our own country, unless we do.

All the serial numbers on the rifle match, and it came in a China Sports box seemingly never fired.

It didn't come with a bayonet, but it has the fitting for a spike bayonet.

A friend looking for an honest Filipina Hi everyone..awhile since I posted here and am hoping everyone is doing well and are well!

I have a pal who began an Internet search to try to find a potential Filipino girl who would be interested in marriage and would like living in the USA.

The girls are definitely going to be interested in money. Think about what the girl is ideally looking for, a prince.

Usually prince has money and is also good and kind and handsome.

So there isn't a simple "do this, don't do that" type of rule sheet. Some want your help for their family and they are sincere. Look or it online also and contact and find a way to pay the hospital rather than send the girl the money.

Some of us like me had such a difficult time of it that we ended up only finding on the other side of the world.

It is not as much about looking and finding as it is about self awareness.

And then how much we would invest in the exploration is variable.

A nice date with dinner and a show in many US location might cost us a couple hundred... I often hear the other side of this question when sisters or nieces are looking for a western guy, and why.The ladies are in charge of the relationships, so they gonna pick, all we gotta do is present our self and take rejection a few times.

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