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30-Jun-2020 05:27

Iceland is one of the countries where people are the most no-drama about public breastfeeding, abortion, being childfree, choosing career over family etc.

In general, you will notice that there is much less controversy around these issues in Europe, as opposed to the States.

From a very young age, these girls have been raised to believe they are strong, independent, and that they deserve to have power in the community.

Icelandic women can come across as a bit too full of themselves, especially to foreigners.

Today, Iceland is way ahead of the gender equality game.

And it all started with a protest/strike in October of 1975.

So when your plane lands in Reykjavik and you first set foot on Icelandic soil, the different attitude is a bit of a culture shock.

Here is the uncomfortable truth: Icelandic women behave like men. They are assertive, they are not afraid of taking the lead, and they are definitely not all about looks and pleasing dudes (or girls, if they swing that way).

No, nobody will pay you to date and marry Icelandic women.

Of course, out of, say 20 girls you message, maybe 1 or 2 would even respond.