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22-Sep-2020 19:34

And, wouldn’t you know, she’d found an extremely affordable studio apartment … — It was probably seven or eight years ago, long enough ago that we were seeing Hannibal Buress do stand-up in a park in Red Hook and he was billed as an “up-and-coming comic.” The guy did not think to bring a blanket or chairs for us to sit on so we sat about three feet apart on the dirt.At one point, he got up to get himself a snack and didn’t ask if I wanted anything.That’s 20 minutes about how he thinks Helvetica is completely overrated and overused.Somehow the conversation eventually turned to grocery shopping and I mentioned how much I love Trader Joe’s. ” I’m confused and don’t actually remember how much I spend on tomatoes.

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Dating can be fun, terrible, soul-crushing and life-affirming, no matter where you live.We did go places and do things, during the first month, but then then we spent most of the rest of our relationship, like, talking about when and how to move our cars to comply with alternate-side parking rules.