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06-Jun-2020 04:28

So, you've made a Tinder match, and you go on a date.

Congratulations: You've just entered your own, private episode of "The Bachelor."It's safe to assume that the guy who just bought you a drink has 50 plus matches waiting on his phone, and that number is slowly climbing as you down your second and third glasses of wine.

There's a heartbreakingly long pause, and finally, a painful, awkward “yes." In the understandable breakdown that followed, every woman in America sighed as Jo Jo uttered the most relatable words in the world to anyone who has ever dated: “I'm so tired of competing.”Let's put aside (for just a moment) the fact that Jo Jo willingly entered a reality dating competition.

It's the right swipe on Tinder that doesn't lead to a match, which leaves you wondering what left your profile so inadequate as to not merit a conversation.

Maybe the love of his life just swiped right, and when he goes out with her tomorrow, you'll be completely forgotten.

Maybe he's only buying you drinks right now because another girl convinced him to try to find a third person for their ménage à trois.

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But those websites -- with their clunky, subscription-based formats, tedious questionnaires and long-form messaging -- can hardly be blamed for the "Hunger Games"-esque state of dating today.

Male Tinder users tend to swipe first and ask questions later.

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