Dating lost momentum

24-Jul-2020 16:24

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Whatever “reset” the First Minister unveils in the coming days or weeks, it’ll have to be pretty darn good.

Scotland doesn’t vote Tory, we’ve been told ad nauseam; this was always overstated, but now even more so.

When only 220,000 votes separate the “party of Scotland” from the apparently anti-Scottish Conservatives, that’s clearly a difficult line to maintain.

The same is true of the SNP’s long-standing attempt to depict Scottish Labour as either Blairite or, when that didn’t work, hopeless.

Although the party’s share of the vote didn’t actually increase by that much at this election, with seven MPs and 27 per cent of the vote, the “Red Tories” are clearly back in the game.

Either way, the “big tent” approach of Alex Salmond appears to have died along with his political career.