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At only around 60 watts, the signal reached Alaska and most of the US.Smith wanted to participate in the burgeoning San Francisco music scene, having been taught clarinet and a little sax by his father, but he took up drums, as it was the easiest to learn quickly.He set about designing a guitar amplifier around the new principle, and in 1972 the Mark I was released.He produced a number of custom variations on the Mark I through the late 1970s, with options including reverb, EQ, various speakers (most often Altec or Electro-Voice), koa wood jointed cabinets, and wicker grill. As Mesa continued to grow, Smith moved the company to Petaluma in 1980.Stan Stillson, the Boy Scout leader became a mentor. They became great friends and built ham radios together.Smith’s father had a good friend, Ernie, who built hi-fi turntables and gave him a couple to experiment on until he was 11 or 12.

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As a young Boy Scout, Smith was interested in earning a merit badge in woodcarving.He played with a local blues and jam band and co-founded the band Martha's Laundry, which later morphed into Prune Music store, with keyboardist Dave Kessner.They opened the store in 1967 inside a building that had been a Chinese grocery store.He relocated to what was formerly a plywood dog kennel, then, eventually, to his home.

If hot-rodding Fenders was the first breakthrough, the second was developing an extra gain stage for the guitar input.

He worked as a repair tech in the back while Dave ran the front of the store.