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15-Jun-2020 08:35

The complainant said that he had written a Facebook post about the spider bite for local friends and family.He said that this was only visible to his 30 friends, but that his friends could then share the post more widely.It was accompanied by two photographs: one photograph showed one of the blisters on the complainant’s arm before it had been burst, and the other showed the complainant’s arms after the blister had burst.The article did not appear in the print edition of the newspaper.3.He said that he had been told by several newspapers that the post had received more than 5000 shares, but he was not aware of the actual figure as the post had been deleted.The post included the photograph of his arm after the blister had burst, which he said was the only photograph he uploaded onto his Facebook page.

The Facebook post described the medical treatment the complainant received for the spider bite in some detail, including the growth of blisters.

He went on to explain that he was making the post to “bring awareness” about spider bites, and introduced himself, giving his age, and where he lived.