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My girlfriend and I consider our official first date to be the night we went to a strip club together.A friend of mine invited me, I invited her, and the rest..history.“The games are worse than when I was young—people don’t look the same as they do in the pictures, and they lie about their age,” she comments.Then she laughs, “Every guy has a beard—one had a beard as long as his stomach!At the very least, he’d have a friend with some things in common.They started going to dance classes together and other assorted day trips and are still together today.I chatted with a local writer regarding her mother’s adventures in dating after her father passed away.

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This leaves a lot of people nearing retirement age—or older—newly single, lonely, and looking for companionship in a world where dating and relationship expectations are likely very different than what they were prior to settling into a long-term relationship.She says, “When I was young, I could take the rejection easier. And, I’m only going to say the ‘L-word’ if I mean it.” She also braved a blind date with a man who showed up with dirty hair, body odor, and missing teeth.“You have to keep yourself in shape,” she continues. She then adds a comment that likely hits the nail on the head for many self-sufficient singles, regardless of age, “I don’t need someone in my life, but I want someone.” Stacey Rowe is a freelance writer based in Rochester.Its kind of a cool first date if you're both pretty open minded.

Some people say that this is an "unattractive campus." I don't think that's necessarily true, but you're not going to catch people caring so much about their appearance that they wear designer clothes all the time either.After watching said gentleman pinch the behinds of several ladies on the cruise ship, she soon realized she was more of a decoy for him to get closer to other women. “Older men tend to go on these cruise trips to ‘escort’ widows!