Dating violence perpetration

14-Dec-2019 16:49

Studies designed to investigate the youth alcohol–DVP link specifically, and whether results vary by individuals’ gender, developmental stage, or culture, are needed.Youth dating violence is both prevalent and consequential.The authors reviewed 28 studies published in 1985–2010; most (82%) were cross-sectional.Alcohol use was measured in 3 main ways: 1) frequency or quantity of use, 2) frequency of heavy episodic drinking, or 3) problem use.As a result, many researchers have begun to investigate whether and to what extent risk factors for adult partner violence perpetration also explain youth dating violence.One important risk factor that has been consistently linked to adult partner violence perpetration is alcohol use.This study aims to examine the link between male perpetration of teen dating violence (TDV) and neighborhood violence, as well as associations with gender attitudes and perceived peer and neighborhood norms related to violence among a sample of urban adolescent boys.Participants of this cross-sectional study ( = 275) were between the ages of 14 and 20 years and recruited from urban community health centers.

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The authors used meta-analytic procedures to evaluate current knowledge on the association between alcohol use and DVP among youth.Future research should assess whether there are acute or pharmacologic effects of alcohol use on youth DVP.Furthermore, few studies have been hypothesis driven, controlled for potential confounding, or examined potential effect measure modification.Etiologic research on youth dating violence is at an early stage, and few risk and protective factors have been established firmly.

By contrast, the epidemiology of adult partner violence perpetration is better understood.For example, adolescent victims are at higher risk for depression, substance abuse, suicide attempts, eating disorders, poor school performance, pregnancy, sexually transmitted infections, and further victimization.

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