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But during the last 10 years the flood of young amputees requires treatments and devices to help them regain the active lifestyle they so suddenly lost.

Seeing these soldiers as wounded athletes rather than patients, the military has modeled the recovery program after a sports medical clinic.

C., Smith couldn’t stand on his prosthetics for more than a few moments.

“The longer I’m in them the more it hurts,” he winced.

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A third amputee threw a football over the hospital beds with a therapist.

This is social realism: [the book] generates, I hope, both an informative and a transformative reading experience.

The explosion hurled Smith into the air, took out his left leg below the knee and his right leg above the knee, and sent his life and that of his newlywed bride onto a path far from their original plans.

That’s why portions of the 243-acre Walter Reed campus in Bethesda, Md., look like a village with two residency requirements: You must be well under the age of 30 and you must be missing one or more limbs.

In addition to Walter Reed, the military has hospitals specializing in amputee care in San Antonio and San Diego. With the rest of the amputees in this community, Smith attends physical therapy two hours each weekday.The military has treated 1,559 amputee soldiers (of those, 272 lost an arm or hand).