Dealing with outliers and offsets in radiocarbon dating

25-Feb-2020 22:04

Wheat is regarded as one of the most important West Asian domesticates that were introduced into Late Neolithic/Early Bronze Age China. Despite a growing body of archaeological data, the timing and routes of its dispersal remain controversial. These results neither support long-standing hypotheses of a progressive spread of wheat agriculture from Xinjiang or Gansu to eastern China nor suggest a nearly synchronous appearance in this vast zone, but corroborate transmission to lower Yellow River elites as an exotic good through cultural interactions with the Eurasian steppe along north–south routes. 1: Topographical maps showing the archaeological sites from China with directly dated wheat remains contained in the compiled data set and potential dispersal routes of wheat into and within China. C data set and designed the Bayesian chronological model. C) dates are the most important means for determining the age of Holocene archaeological deposits.

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The accuracy and robustness of this approach is confirmed by wiggle-matching known-calendar age sequences of the Southern Hemisphere calibration curve SHCal04 against the Northern Hemisphere curve Int Cal04.

We also show that 5 of 9 Holocene Southern Hemisphere data sets are capable of yielding reliable offset information.