Designed to sell updating an 80s bathroom lee dong gun and han ji hye dating

23-May-2020 12:07

So that’s why I wanted to give you some of our simple home renovation ideas in hopes that it will help you update some items around your home without having to totally remodel.

Maybe you’ve lived in your house for decades and you just know it’s time to make some updates, like the time you decided to take the shoulder pads out of your dresses and ditched the extra tease in your hair. Honestly, sometimes the simple fixes in your home can make a big difference.

My husband has a Youtube channel called Makercise and here’s the video he created to show you how you can fix up all your own outdoor lights for under with some easy to find spray-on self etching metal primer & spray paint!

These make a huge difference in updating a bathroom or kitchen. I hated wrestling to get things like canning pots or bottles under my old faucet.

The wallpaper and borders came down immediately, but there were other areas that really needed improvement.When you go to clean the tops, you will see the spots again until they dry.