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29-Sep-2020 04:26

No more than 20 before asking for her to get naked. After they are broke and can not come anymore, she does show until she can find more to fall in love with her. If the model is making tons of money from guys that only chat€ she can get away with anything.

The trick is to be polite and chat for few minutes. I think she had some guys that are in love with her and sometimes chat with her all shift. When I asked about Sharlote not doing show they said they were sorry and would take action. The studios are now in control of what models get in trouble for. And their women are rocking too I agree jambo about the forbiddin fruit. You see them and get lured in with their beautiful and what seems to be a great price.

I remember seeing Dayana in action for the first time in mid 2008. Back then, she was working on Direct Sex, that was always a confusing site to me, crowded with Romanian studios that used to have less ethical approach, which led many models to have bad reputation.

That is why I found it refreshing when I realized that Dayana, also working for a studio, didn’t have any sign of bad habit.

Trying new experiences is really exciting for me...

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If you have ever been on free chat you know that girls will many questions. New girls get naked faster than the more seasoned ones. I’m sure that many of them were working hard to please the members.