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He played college football at the University of Miami. He attended Trinity Christian Academy in Jacksonville.He suffered a tragic car accident in July 2019 that resulted in his left arm being amputated. - Following a car accident, his left arm was amputated. His birth place is in Jacksonville, Florida in the United States. He was born to a father Kendrick Norton Sr., and a mother La Tess Stephen. After high school, he committed to play for the University of Miami.Norton originally entered the NFL as a seventh-round draft selection by the Carolina Panthers last year.

Police say it appeared that no one was injured in the other car.Source: @Miami Dolphins The Miami Dolphins signed Norton off the Panthers practice squad in December 2018. The young defensive tackle now has to choose a new career in the coming future. Norton suffered a tragic car accident while driving on State Road 836 near Miami on 4 July 2019. While he did not appear in a game for the club, Norton entered preparations for the 2019 season as a potential depth option for the club. Of course, the past and future of Norton’s football career are a secondary concern at this point.

What is most important is that he survived the accident and will recover from the multiple injuries he suffered.He posted 19 tackles and 1.0 sacks during his freshman years at Miami.