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Kraft wrote that European glass beads became "the diamonds" of native culture, In the late 1800s, some Native American tribes began making European-like beaded bags for sale to white consumers.By the turn of the century, both Indian and European bead motifs had borrowed heavily from each other.None of these materials could compare to the sensual, jewel-like qualities of glass beads struck by sunlight.'Diamonds' of Indian culture In his history of the Lenape, Herbert C.Threat of death For reasons of safety as well as secrecy, the Venetian government forcibly moved all its glass-making enterprises to Murano Island in a lagoon north of the city by the early 1300s.There, owners and employees labored under threat of death for revealing any aspect of glass factory methodology to the outside world.Throughout the 1700s, waterfront area merchants such as Child & Stiles, Daniel Clark, William Grand and Daniel & George Fundle received incoming cargos of glass beads and offered them for sale.

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They were strung on sinew and wrapped around the handles of war clubs and on objects of ceremonial use...Glass was a substance previously unknown to North American native tribes but their culture placed high value on beaded objects for decoration, religious ceremony and commerce.