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We typed China’s censors typically direct their energy toward politically charged phrases, banning terms like “64” (a reference to the Tiananmen massacre) or “Bo Xilai” (the disgraced politician).

But sexual content is also controversial in the eyes of the nation’s internet authorities.

Crackdowns on websites deemed pornographic are frequent, and last June China’s cyberspace agency highlighted a few seemingly innocuous terms as language worth scrubbing.

Users can still send and receive words that are marked as offensive.

Taxonomic and distributional information on each fish species found in arctic marine waters is reviewed, and a list of families and species with commentary on distributional records is presented.


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To examine the role of Nile perch and Nile tilapia in the food web in their native Lake Albert, we estimated their diets using stable nitrogen and carbon isotopes.

In Lake Albert, the tilapiine congeners (closely related species), ) was completed using a static isotopic mixing model.

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It also incorporates results from DNA barcoding, used to complement morphological characters in evaluating problematic taxa and to assist in identification of specimens collected in…