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14-Sep-2020 22:13

Rooms that previously housed smokers retained a legacy of nicotine and other potential cancer-causing compounds, known as third hand exposure, that were up to 35 times higher than levels found in hotels that enforced a complete ban on smoking.

The researchers suggest that non-smokers choose hotels that have full smoking bans, in order to truly reduce their exposure.

It’s a disease you can get through passive smoking and, during the years of working in a pub, that’s what I’ve ended up with.”Despite the public sentiment in favour of smoking rooms, it seems the trade has, mostly, moved on and the Government has no appetite to amend the legislation.“There are no plans to change the law around smoking in pubs,” a Do H spokesman said.

, found hotels that only maintain a partial smoking ban still expose their occupants to cigarette smoke, and that compared to hotels with full smoking bans, nicotine levels on hotel room surfaces are two times higher.

For people who would like to relax in a cafe and smoke, the Cafe & Smoking Lounge is located on 3F of Terminal 2 in the North Pier (inside the Gate Lounge).

SINGAPORE: The Government does not plan to make smoking rooms compulsory in public places like sports complexes, office buildings and shopping malls, Senior Minister of State for Health Amy Khor said in Parliament on Tuesday (Feb 6).“With smoking already disallowed in most buildings with public access, the Government has no plans to mandate the provision of smoking rooms in such premises,” she said.

In addition, Dr Khor stated that premise owners can designate smoking areas more than 5m from the entrance and exit of a public building.

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“If not get assistance from a community mediation centre.”Dr Khor stressed that when it comes to curbing inconsiderate smoking behavior, enforcement is not the single solution.“We need to urge smokers to be socially responsible and considerate when smoking so as not to cause disamenities to others,” she added.“Family and friends of smokers as well as the public in general could help to reinforce the right social norms through nudges and reminders in order to address such issues.”To that end, Dr Khor said the National Environment Agency (NEA) will work with Town Councils and grassroots organisations to educate smokers to be more considerate.“If residents actually have information or see acts of errant smokers smoking in prohibited areas, they could provide info to NEA, and NEA will conduct investigations,” she said.

A pint and a cigarette had gone together for a long time.

But now we have the balance between the smokers used to going outside to smoke and the non-smokers who come in the pub.

Dr Khor was responding to a question by Member of Parliament (MP) for Bishan-Toa Payoh GRC Chong Kee Hiong, who had asked if the Government would consider building smoking rooms in public buildings to contain secondhand smoke.

Dr Khor explained that having a smoking room would reduce but not eliminate exposure to environmental tobacco smoke.“It could seep into other parts of the building and pose health risks to persons in enclosed spaces,” she noted.It has been eight years since the smoking ban was introduced in England, yet the thorny topic has reared it head once again after recent research unearthed public support for amending the legislation. Of 2,000 adults polled by Populus on behalf of smokers’ rights group Forest, 57% were in favour of allowing pubs and private members clubs the choice of operating well-ventilated designated smoking rooms. Chris Snowdon, director of lifestyle economics at the Institute of Economic Affairs thinks so.“There is obviously a market for people who want to drink and smoke in the pub,” he told the Publican’s Morning Advertiser.“That market cannot be satisfied so we have seen the largest spate of pub closures for more than a century.