Good devotional for dating couples

15-May-2020 23:39

With three sections in each devotion (including a Bible verse, “Converse & Reflect” questions, and a sample prayer), this marriage resource encourages couples to discover intimacy in marriage like never before.

I also appreciate that this book is available digitally. I love how practical this couples devotional is, and how Mike and Carlie really encourage couples to invite God into their marriage discussions!

Our marriages are being attacked daily, and we must intentionally choose to invest in our marriage relationships in order to keep our family units strong!

My husband and I have found that reading these couples devotionals together (even if it’s only once a week) has kept our marriage healthy and united–even through some incredibly difficult life circumstances such as chronic illness and job loss. Maybe you’re thinking “Sounds great, but we’re already too busy.

This often forms fertile ground for spiritual attack by an enemy who would love to destroy a relationship that God has blessed as holy.” The value of doing devotions as a couple is to keep you united against these spiritual attacks.

“It gives you and your spouse a way to spend special time together, talking about things that matter, considering God's Word, praying, and taking action to strengthen and recharge your relationship,” they go on to add.

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All you really need is a Bible and each other to do couples devotions.

This dynamic book, Devotions for Dating Couples, offers guidance for deepening your commitment to God as individuals and as a couple.

Through short chapters focused on such essential topics as prayer, simplicity, community, and purity, you will discover how to make your most important love relationships–with God and your potential mate–strong, lasting, and radiant.

I know that my relationship with Christ has grown as well as my relationship with my girlfriend.

So if you want that more intimate relationship with Christ and your relationship with you significant other to grow I suggest you give this a read.Marriage for us is founded upon a mutual exchange of holy pledges.