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Kellogg termed his lifestyle—more exercise, more baths, and simpler, blander foods—”biologic living,” and he gave lectures and wrote long tracts to promote it.He described the modern diet as unnatural and too diverse.Breakfast is often lauded as “the most important meal of the day.”What is less commonly mentioned is the origin of this ode to breakfast: a 1944 marketing campaign launched by General Foods, the manufacturer of Grape Nuts, to sell more cereal.During the campaign, which marketers named “Eat a Good Breakfast—Do a Better Job,” grocery stores handed out pamphlets that promoted the importance of breakfast while radio advertisements announced that “Nutrition experts say breakfast is the most important meal of the day.”Ads like these were key to the rise of cereal, a product launched by men like John Harvey Kellogg, a deeply religious doctor who believed that cereal would both improve Americans’ health and keep them from masturbating and desiring sex.

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Rice, a Bible scholar, describes Mary of Nazareth preparing eggs for a breakfast attended by Jesus. Paleontologists speculate that humans ate primitive pancakes over 5,000 years ago; more recently, Thomas Jefferson enjoyed crepe-like flapjacks. And cake and pie,” Lowell Dyson, an agricultural historian, wrote of food preferences in 19th-century America.

Critics called granula “wheat rocks.”But people wanted them.