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06-Jul-2020 19:51

That bag is part of you, it's potentially saved your life; own it. She wasn't right for you but you'll meet someone who doesn't care that you come with extras. Only if he had a sense of humor about it like this one guy I know.He jokes all the time about some of the more unpleasant aspects, like how his bag "farts," or that he excuses himself to play Candy Crush in the bathroom because "as a non-smoker and non-crapper" he feels entitled to at least 2 little breaks during the work day.

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I would imagine that if my SO ever needed one I would stand by him... I suggest you move slow and show your personality a bit before you disclose your condition if you can. But I feel like a relationship would not be the best idea as who would take care of each other when we both are really sick? He had three children with my mother, and they got divorced when I was three (because he was an abusive alcoholic).

I was really upset when I wrote this and I wasn't thinking clearly enough to consider that other people may be hurt by a comment like that. I'm a 6'3" grown man who my IBD consultant described as "utterly stoic" and today I sobbed like a scared little kid.

I'm all too conscious of this thing against my skin and knowing that that feeling is quite possibly going to be there for life is really dragging me down emotionally. I'm almost 24 now and today I just broke down when my mother hugged me.

I don't have any sign of rectal disease which means that its been spared by the surgeons. But I think a lot of things that sound bad objectively aren't quite so bad once related to someone you like/ care about/ are interested in. If you were someone I took an interest in, I would date you.

This potentially leaves me with the chance of reconnecting the small intestine up to it internally in a couple of years (a J-Pouch is the official name). I'm really sorry you're going through that, though. Keep in mind, you're not going to get a "majority of women" answer here. I know people with ostomies, and they take care of themselves. The 100% whole and healthy person we fall in love with can fall ill, or get terribly injured, at some point in our time together.I'm sorry you're dealing with all of this - best of luck to you.

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