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The constitution also gave the president the power to rule by decree if agreed by the National Assembly.Clearly presidential power had now increased though it is still limited by a separate legislature, a separate judiciary, a separate prosecuting attorney and even a separate electoral officer.

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The election was fair, attested to by the OAS, the E. He comes from a poor rural family and was a career soldier who rose in the Venezuelan Army to the rank of Lieutenant Colonel.We can note that some successful economies, chief amongst them perhaps China and the Asian Tigers, have never really been true believers anyway; they flourish on exports but keep tight control of their currencies and central banks and protect their domestic markets. And if this is true anywhere, it is true in spades for Latin America.After the Asian Tigers, indeed, Latin America is now one of the only regions in the world that appears to offer some serious alternative to a neo-liberal, globalised, free-trading world under the aegis of the United States in particular and the First World generally.Imbued with the liberation ideas of the 60s and 70s, he attempted a military coup in 1992 to turn out one more elitist and corrupt Venezuelan government. He was incarcerated for his role in the coup but was released early after two years. By 1999 he had been overwhelmingly elected President of Venezuela with a mandate to clean up the corruption and do something for the huge mass of poor citizens both in the country and in the barrios of the major cities.

As he promised in his first election campaign, Chávez immediately started the wheels turning to convene a popularly elected assembly to rewrite the constitution.Even the neo-liberal governments of America’s strongest allies in Latin America, Mexico and Colombia, must be wondering which way and for how long the wind will blow.

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