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03-Aug-2020 03:37

This is the cheapest way to use the service at just 33p per minute! Call the same service you're used to, but avoid premium rate charges on your bill!

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You can be chatting with one of our horny girls DISCREETLY within minutes.This seems almost too obvious to mention, but I am amazed time and again seeing users just jump on the first sexchat site they happened to come by or following some flashing banner that they saw on some dodgy XXX tube.Now sure, being an idiot is not against the law, but for fuck's sake: If you choose a site you've never even heard about and then give it your CC details, don't come crying that you got hoaxed.The internet is full of scammers, so you need to keep your eyes open and know what to look out for.

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You pay for a number of minutes using your debit or credit card and call a number local to you.