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18-Sep-2020 13:33

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My deep gratitude to the LQBTQIA community for the pure and unwavering love they give me.

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He looked like his photo and I thought he was pretty cute. Afterwards, he walked me to my car as we ended the date. Afterwards, we went to a simulator golf spot off of Sand Lake. After the second date, when he spoke about his family and friends, he felt like a really good, authentic, sweet person.

Thankfully, when Mike returned from NYC, he called to set up a date and suggested meeting at King’s Bowling Alley.

On the evening of the date, I told my cousin that I was meeting this guy from NYC at the bowling alley, in case anything popped off.

When asked about her participation at the inaugural Wynwood Pride Festival she said: “I am so excited to be part of this effort.

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Please, we must be versatile, open-minded [to be] a canvas that accepts any color that represents originality.

It’s the same sound that can be heard on her latest single, "Peligro De Extinción" from the 2012 album Musa, which earned Ivy her third nomination for Best Urban Music Album at the Latin Grammy Awards.