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It was his prime career & he worked with many productions as a supporting director in the 1980s.He assumed the position of field producer during the 14th Winter Olympic Games on Global TV.He then moved on to other business ventures and worked for companies like Logiquest.His first company which he established in 1990 was BRAK Systems, which gave a significant boost to his career.He did many jobs, like newspaper delivery & served as a retail salesman, etc. Robert Herjavec was born on 14 September 1962 and currently as of 2019, he is 56 years old.

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"I'm just super excited," he says of hitting the dance floor, "because it's a different experience, one that's definitely out of my comfort zone." Herjavec opened up about his excitement on joining , as he felt it was a great way to get his mind off the "pain" of his split from wife of 24 years, Diane Plese.

The two, who share three children together, ended things last summer after they "drifted apart." The father-of-three reveals he first got hooked on the show after watching it when visiting his mother in the hospital as she battled ovarian cancer that claimed her life in 2007. "I went into this really petrified," Robert, who has been practicing eight hours a day, says.

"But now I'm thinking, 'I got this.' But we'll see." #Team Robert!

He didn’t halt his progress here, and instead founded another firm named Herjavec Group, a security solution integrator in 2003.

The company is a fastest growing one, selling services worth over 0 million.He has also appeared on TV shows like “Dragon’s Den” and “Shark Tank.” Other than this, he has also written the books- “Driven: How to Succeed in Business and Life” in 2010, “The Will to Win: Leading, Competing, Succeeding” in 2013 and a recent one “You Don’t Have to be a Shark” in 2016.

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