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One study on regular strength training in seniors found that it caused genetic changes in cells. Social people have sharper thinking and they're much less likely to have memory problems as they age. It's linked with a lower risk of heart disease and a longer life. Studies show that the earlier you begin, the less likely you are to have health problems later. Use sunscreen every day: It really does prevent wrinkles.

The result: Older folks' muscles became more like those of people in their 20s. And it's not too late -- even people who didn't start using it until middle age still get a benefit. You might need a little less sleep these days than you used to. But if you're getting less than 7 hours a night, or feel worn out during the day, something's wrong. Exercise more, drink less alcohol, and discuss your medications with your doctor.

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Seek treatment if you have an underlying problem like depression or anxiety; it can help you sleep soundly again.

Here's some good news: The older people get, the more content and satisfied they are. IMAGES PROVIDED BY: 1) Nigel O'Neil / Flickr Open / Getty 2) Pauline St.

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Instead, add more fatty fish and fats from plants, like flaxseed and nuts.

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"Association Between Older Age and More Successful Aging: Critical Role of Resilience and Depression," , 2013.People in their 80s report being more satisfied than people in their 70s. Denis 3) ALINE ROHMER / Stock Image 4) Digital Vision 5) Peter Dressel / Blend Images 6) Thinkstock 7) AE Pictures Inc.

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