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This information provides the core of the data used in evaluation, planning, allocation of funds, and measurement of compliance with Federal and State regulations.

The basic pupil accounting form used in North Carolina is the Principal's Monthly Report (PMR).

For more information on Average Daily Attendance, please refer to the School Attendance and Student Accounting manual.

Membership Last Day: Membership Last Day refers to the number of students remaining in membership as of the last day of the school month or academic year.

Included with the second month PMR is a revised Month 1 including any changes to Month 1 that occurred during the second school month.

The PMR data is the source data for calculating Average Daily Membership, Average Daily Attendance, Initial Enrollment, and Membership Last Day.

NOTE :: Various file formats are used on this page that may require download.

If larger than 1mb, it will take longer to download.

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There are three worksheet tabs located in the lower left corner.Average Daily Membership: The total number of school days within a given term - usually a school month or school year - that a student's name is on the current roll of a class, regardless of his/her being present or absent, is the "number of days in membership" for that student.Average Daily Membership (ADM) for each school month is based on the sum of the number of days in membership for all non-violating (NVIO) students in individual LEAs/Charters, divided by the number of days in the school month (ADM = Member Days (NVIO) / # of days in the school month rounded to nearest whole number)."Your LEA" will give you LEA specific data when an LEA Number is entered.

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The ADM tab contains all LEA Average Daily Membership data in spreadsheet format.The MLD tab contains all LEA Membership Last Day data in spreadsheet format.

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