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17-May-2020 17:54

After a moment a beautiful yet sleepy voice called out “Enter”.

Twilight hesitantly opened the great doors and found herself facing complete nothingness.

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With ghostlike grace, she glided through the corridors unobserved by anypony who would raise the alarm (she was observed by a number of ponies who would not raise an alarm, because they had lived in the palace for years and knew Twilight Sparkle by now).With this spell, she could relive each day until it was perfectly spent getting closer and closer to Luna’s heart (and bedroom).Twilight had listed all the problems that would need to be overcome with the powers of foreknowledge that the spell would grant her.When she recovered from her chagrin, she reloaded to lose the bruise and trotted up to the door nervously.

There was no immediate answer to her timid knock, so she steeled herself and did it again more forcefully.

The place guards knew her, and would let her through without hesitation.

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