Mandating water efficiency

15-Oct-2020 10:29

…All high efficiency, high-speed spin washers (both top and front-load) invariably possess a motherboard and a host of electronic parts, and according to those who repair them for a living, washers crammed with multiple electronic sensors, touchpads, digital displays, and miniaturized circuit boards tend to need more frequent repair — i.e. They must be kept on an electrical circuit with functioning surge protection, because their vulnerable and expensive solid-state components can easily degrade or burn out with electrical power surges.

The writer points out that the federal government's 2007 Energy Star standards have, for the most part, eliminated the traditional design for washing machines because those machines cannot obtain the government's certifications, unlike the newer devices that manufacturers have turned out to specifically meet federal requirements.

Consumers have been sucked into buying these things because of their keen looks and pretty colors.

Almost everyone I know has a front-loading machine.

Q; Following up on what you said about the mandate to turn off water to medians, how do you think that will affect the overall appeal and/or your plant palette?Clint Collins, senior director, landscape operations, Irvine Company Office Properties, was recently a special guest in an "Outsmarting the Drought" webinar series, presented by Hydro Point Data Systems.Collins spent 28 years with Valley Crest Landscape; is a member of the board of directors BOMA/O.Collins: Well, the medians, for us, happen to be in one of our most important areas in Newport Beach.

So, there's no way we can just have dead turf medians-that just doesn't work-so, basically, we're going to have to look at other alternatives, including re-landscaping with drip [irrigation] and drought-tolerant shrubs.The requirements of Water Efficiency Management Practices, under Part IVA of the Public Utilities (Water Supply) Regulations, came into effect from January 2015.

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