Medieval faire dating

25-Dec-2019 19:28

We made the news in the Independent’s heritage section with our all-new event spectacular the Harewood Medieval Faire… If you missed it, look out for e-updates to be the first to get your tickets for next year’s event!…And don’t forget, Medieval Harewood continues this summer with artists’ works & finds from the Gawthorpe dig, ceramics & stained glass workshops, and Castle, dig and theatrical tours. Archaeologists from the University of York are revealing intriguing traces — hidden for more than two centuries — of the forerunner of one of Yorkshire’s great country houses.Simon will be conducting theatrical walking tours of Harewood’s medieval history enhanced with an audio experience.Tours will take place on Tues 17th July, Weds 1st August, Tues 14th August & Mon 3rd September.Susan has created a video intervention in the church as well as a moving photograph that can be viewed in full online.It can also be streamed on your smartphone to be viewed while experiencing Medieval Harewood.The tombs would have originally been painted in full colour, and if you look closely at the effigies in the church, traces of original pigment can still be seen today.Diane has digitally recreated the colours that may have been used and her photographs give us a visual impression of the human beings that lived at Harewood.

Medieval Harewood is an on-going project to explore Harewood’s medieval history before the present Harewood House was built.

Places must be pre-booked by phone, visit our event pages for details….