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03-Oct-2020 02:06

Then you can decide for yourself if this rule makes sense for the Amish community. Slipping off any item of clothing today is a simple as pulling down a zipper or popping open a button.

In some instances, items can be slipped off without unhooking or unhinging anything ---the t-shirt and legging duo would be doubly dangerous, indeed.

It seems that there is no way around these rules as to go against or question them would be to question God’s law, according to the Amish.

It sounds like dressing a table and it is sort of like that. Long dresses ensure that there is no temptation to hike them up and show a little more –of course, by accident.It’s a lot of work and lots of pricked fingers, but that’s just how they do things on their side of the fence.Secular women are used to wearing tank tops, spaghetti straps, corsets, tube tops, and even bra tops.As strange as these rules might seem, they are followed by the Amish female community with loving hearts and positive attitudes.

Just another thing that might seem foreign to the modern lady.For Amish women, the temptation to pop open a button is risky.