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01-Jan-2020 20:03

I found out that I would have been drafted and Milo would have been drafted.What really drove it home was when I realized my younger brother, who’s 19, would have been drafted as well.The actor faced the daunting task of playing a kind of man out of time in joining the ballyhooed ensemble of the intensely-followed “This Is Us.”“It wasn’t actually the first time I’d come onto a show when it was really popular,” he said.“When I was 13 I was on ‘Will and Grace’ at the end of Season 3, when it was really big, and it was this sort of big reveal in the season finale …While waiting for Owen and Hallie to decide whether to get back together, Boyd serves up a series of observational scenes in which the characters ill-advisedly snoop in each other’s cell phones, wrestle with awkward contraceptives, and show just how open-minded they are by hooking up with same-sex partners.Unfolding across three months — July, August, September — in what appears to be summer 2016, the movie feels slightly out of sync with the present moment, like yogurt eaten a few days after its “Best if used by” date. J.: Made in America” (which came out in 2016) and stand around the concession stand at Cinefamily (a cult Los Angeles cinema that shut down last November in the wake of sexual harassment claims) sharing inappropriately graphic details about their sex lives.She’s not promiscuous, per se, just more sexually liberated than most, leaving a lot of broken hearts in her wake.Pairing her with Matt is like offering a cashmere chew toy to a Doberman, although they get along better than anyone would have predicted — even if Willa doesn’t necessarily agree with Matt’s idea that they’re dating (she describes it more as “hanging out”).

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A.” — and made it the central focus of a comedy that might have multitasked such observations with something a bit more high-concept.Finally, after Owen rejects the idea of living together one too many times, Hallie decides to give him his space.On the opposite extreme, there’s Matt (Patrick Gibson), a doofy romantic who can still keep track of how many partners he’s had, and Willa (Dree Hemingway), Hallie’s man-eating cousin, who has long since lost count of her conquests.He settled on a few resonant sources and focused on the personal.“There’s so much material about Vietnam, and yet you feel like it doesn’t come close to what it felt like.

There’s also this book called ‘Dispatches,’ that Michael Herr wrote,” he said of the journalistic novel that inspired parts of Francis Ford Coppola’s “Apocalypse Now” and Stanley Kubrick’s “Full Metal Jacket.”“That was an amazing book that sort of gave you the sensation, or the feeling of what it was like for the sleep-deprived, traumatized, drug-riddled mind …

A neat-and-tidy romantic comedy dedicated to capturing the messy reality of modern dating, Sam Boyd’s Los Angeles-set “In a Relationship” suggests what “La La Land” might have been if you took away the retro-chic musical numbers and sparkly, soda-fizz chemistry between Ryan Gosling and Emma Stone, leaving only commitment-phobic white people looking for connection in a city where there’s always something better around the corner.

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