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He became a prolific user of the Hammond T-102 organ, Mellotron, ARP Pro Soloist and Yamaha CP-70 piano.

In the band's earliest years Banks would play acoustic guitar for some of the mellow and pastoral songs.

At 13, he began lessons with an unsuitable teacher who made him lose interest in classical music, but he then started to recite songs by ear that he heard on the radio.

Months later, he acquired a new piano teacher who sparked his interest in classical compositions once more, which became a deciding factor for Banks's decision to pursue a career in music.

The love is the meaning of his life, it’s his inspiration and motivation.

In 1979, after Genesis had entered a break in activity, Banks and Rutherford travelled to Polar Studios in Stockholm and recorded their first studio albums.

Banks's album, A Curious Feeling, was released first in October of that year.

After Genesis split in 1998, Banks's career stagnated, and he considered retirement from music.

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It was during this time that he began composing, titling an early piece "Black Down" which led to his decision to pursue orchestra composition.In early 1967, they merged with guitarists Mike Rutherford and Anthony Phillips, two members of Anon, another school band, to record a series of demos which led to the formation of their new band, Genesis.

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