No credit cards to talk with girls on cam

22-Oct-2019 11:41

“They are married and they are reaching out to try to get something done.” He said the male poll respondents could be more willing to “talk” while women actually act.

“It could be a little bit of a difference between talking about it and trying to get something done.

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“Some consumers just don’t want to face it,” says Michael Mc Auliffe, president of Family Credit Management, a Chicago-based nonprofit consumer credit counseling agency.Some of them have hidden credit card debt and bills from their spouses.Others walk into counseling centers with bags of unopened bills.Women in the poll were slightly less willing to talk about credit card debt (83 percent unwilling to talk) than men (77 percent).

Women were also less likely to talk about their health problems (61 percent) than men (54 percent) as well as their love lives, political views, age and weight. “More often than not we find in clinical experience that the man is driven by a female,” Kanaris says.It’s like men being unwilling to ask for directions and women being completely comfortable in doing so.”Carrying credit card balances The poll also found that nearly a third (35 percent) of Americans say they carry a balance on their credit cards.

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