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11-Dec-2019 02:48

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TIPS FOR A SMOOTH RUNNING SYSTEM================================The more of these suggestions you follow, the fewer problems you should have.Follow them all, and you've probably eliminated at least 95% of all potential problem sources.Another possible location of your connection problem would be your Firewall (which you didn't mention having or not having) - check it to see that it is not set to deny the apps making connections for updates.I don't know if you (or anyone else) is still reading this thread, but if so, please let me know if you fixed your problem and how. It would be nice if you told us exactly which antivirus software you're having problems with..I don't really do that anymore, so I'll once again say that google is your for your HOSTS file and rename it with any extension (such as or even rename the file OLDHOSTS) as it is quite likely that this is all that is preventing your accessing the sites assuming you can access other sites on the web.

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For instance, I'm assuming everything needs to be cleared out, but how? Well, formatting gets rid of everything, so you don't need to worry about that.If there's anything you want to save, you'd best be putting it onto CDs, DVDs, flash drives, or whatever else you can.

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