Online dating for the deaf

15-Mar-2020 09:32

I must confess, I am currently at the time of writing this blog single.I’ve never been married (I still have hope), and am in fact actively dating to find Miss Right.I told her of the situation but she insisted that we stay and thrash it out.Let’s say the conversation was more dominated by me and I subconsciously did not give her a chance to get much in.It is very easy for me or anyone to not blame my hearing loss, it should not be a factor in the dating game like my employment search? I have reflected on my dating experiences and I must confess that there were times when my hearing loss may have let me down or caused serious doubts in my dates to pursue the relationship further.Lets’ look at a few situations that I have experienced which may help others to not make the same errors.

You could find me playing my sport hard, trying to win at all costs, then head to the bar to celebrate or commiserate the result.

Naturally, like a jungle, what may have made it more challenging is that everyone seems to be out for themselves looking for their own perfect match.

So when one, like myself, goes thinking that their team mate on the town will cover for them, the stigma doesn’t allow for them to be seen with the “deaf guy” in team.

This may sound wrong, but for me, there is a subconscious fear in my mind that if I don’t get it right, then I would not leave an impression at all on her as a life partner.

By doing this, looking back on this, I may have caused more harm than good.

You can be sure there will be people thinking this is too hard and not worth finding out more about me.