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25-Oct-2020 00:11

What’s exciting about the relationship these two shared however is the writing behind it, with Kitty’s character in Ultimate Spider-Man being nicely fleshed out and allowed to do other things than be just another one of ‘Peter Parker’s Girlfriends’.

Unfortunately for Kitty, the two broke up after she discovered Parker kissing MJ.

Though they’re still close enough to flirt with one another from time to time, it feels like this romance has been permanently put on ice. D.’s clutches and faked her own suicide, now likely going through the happiest years of her life, with nothing and nobody to worry about but herself. ’ saw Spider-Man and Silver Sable eventually ending up together, following his former girlfriend’s (Black Cat) accidental death at the hands of Paladin.

Gwen is the first ever woman to embark on an incredible and loving relationship with Peter Parker. Grief saw Sable unite with Pete and become the next of Peter Parker’s girlfriends, and whether or not their relationship works out is left up in the air.

When you think of Peter Parker’s girlfriends, the first woman that springs to mind is the incomparable Mary-Jane Watson.

Mary-Jane is the literal girl next door and Peter Parker’s most iconic partner.

The pair fell hard for one another, but things were never going to last with all of Spider-Man’s enemies lurking around every corner. Over in the ‘real world’ however, Silver Sable and Spider-Man’s relationship has never gone past flirting and banter.

Stacy’s life came to an end when the Green Goblin was running wild and threw her from the Brooklyn Bridge to spite his biggest foe, Spider-Man. In the past, Sable has even hired Spider-Man to work for her, tasking the hero with stealing incriminating documents from a money launderer.

Parker began his acting career playing minor roles in stage plays during his school days.

He wonders how he could have gone about things differently to save his first true love, but has since moved on and found hope and love with various other women. With her secret revealed during the ‘Original Sin’ storyline, an initial meeting between Silk (AKA Cindy Moon) and Parker sees an immediate physical attraction take place.

The memories of Gwen however will remain with Parker forever. Brought together by their Spider-Senses, the two share a passionate relationship, but in the ‘Spider-Verse’ storyline it’s clear that it’s not a practical union.

Kitty and Spider-Man’s friendship began during an X-Men and Spider-Man collaboration, with Kitty quickly developing a crush on the web-slinging superhero.

Eventually learning who the man was behind the mask, the two dated both in and out of their heroic aliases.He has not been dragged into any controversy in his entire life.

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