Persona 3 dating yuko

23-Mar-2020 14:17

Shigenori Soejima designed the world and cast of Persona 3.The members of SEES include Yukari Takeba, a popular girl; Junpei Iori, a class clown and the Protagonist's best friend; Akihiko Sanada, the captain of Gekkoukan's boxing team; Mitsuru Kirijo, Gekkoukan's student council president; Fuuka Yamagishi, a shy girl who takes on a support role in battle; Aigis, a female android designed to fight Shadows; Ken Amada, an elementary school student whose mother was killed by a Persona-user; Koromaru, a dog capable of summoning a Persona; and Shinjiro Aragaki, a returning member of SEES who had previously left the team.In the animated movie adaptation, he is portrayed as an ambivalent individual with an initially neutral viewpoint on the film's themes of life and death, making his growth via newfound experiences the focus of the movie.He also gains his new Personas from battles of against Arcana Shadows during full moon, instead of Social Links.All of the members of SEES are Persona-users, who live together in a specialized dorm.

Atlus released an enhanced remake of Persona 3 entitled Persona 3: FES.To combat Shadows, each member of SEES is capable of summoning a Persona, a being which is a manifestation of one's psyche.Persona-users summon their Personas by firing a gun-like object called an Evoker at their head.Later games explain that the two protagonists exist within different timelines.

In the manga adaptation of Persona 3, he is portrayed as a quiet teenager who often tired or drowsy, who likes to eat and cook food.

, or SEES for short, is officially a school group of Gekkoukan High School.