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15-Oct-2020 13:03

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The way he brought me coffee before work evoked a physical, sensual reaction. To assume that lust springs only from physical encounters is a misunderstanding of how the human mind works.

I can see that acting on such feelings would be sinful, but feeling them at all? We are not just "turned on" by open-mouthed kissing and low-cut blouses. I think that, to some extent, sexual attraction is valuable and useful as an indicator of compatibility. Some people feel that any arousal pre-marriage is wrong.

You will hear God awakening you to new life, to a new desire, to love and freedom.

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Talk to the person you are dating about chastity and specific boundaries.And of course, what I might find irresistibly erotic might be boring to someone else. I have to be honest; I have dated some not-so-good guys in my day. Who you date is one of the most important decisions you will make. If you have played any team sports, you know that the only way to defend against the opponent is if you have teammates who “have your back.” We need friends who slide tackle when the doubts come and block the punt when we feel like giving up.By that standard, some of the Catholics on here say that even french kissing is sinful (also based on some papal encyclical that gets tossed around).

So it might be safest just to stick to hugging, holding hands, and brief closed-mouth kisses. On occasions when I've been "in love," everything my partner did was arousing to me.

Discussing boundaries can also help you keep each other accountable when one of you succumbs to passion or lust. Don’t put yourself in situations where you will be tempted to do more physically.

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