Protective factors for dating violence

05-Jul-2020 07:51

The environment refers to the conditions in which each individual lives - their household, their neighborhood or town, and the larger community.These may include aspects of the Some of the environmental risk factors that influence the chances of acquiring cardiovascular diseases include community norms that favor large portions of unhealthy food (such as "Super-Sizing" at fast-food restaurants), poor access to adequate and culturally appropriate health care, and community norms that favor a sedentary life style.Why different people in the same community have unequal health status? There are many different and interrelated causes of problems and desired outcomes.If your organization can understand these causes, it can focus its intervention to better contribute to community improvement.Here is more specific information on the types of personal factors that contribute to risk and protection: Knowledge and Skill: Some of the factors that influence the development of cardiovascular diseases (CVD ) include physical activity, diet, smoking and regular health screening.More specifically, some of the modifiable risk factors for CVD include high blood pressure, high cholesterol, smoking, physical inactivity, and diabetes.On the flip side, some of the protective factors that influence cardiovascular diseases include being from a community that traditionally eats a healthy diet (think of the Mediterranean diet, which includes a lot of seafood, olive oil, and fresh vegetables), community norms that include exercise and activity, and open access to state-of -the-art, caring, and culturally appropriate health care.

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Research has consistently shown us that: Although many factors are broad enough to cut across many (if not most) community health and development concerns, there are still some factors specific to different issues.

If he walks two miles a day, that's a protective factor against that same heart attack.

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