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07-Feb-2020 08:32

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I think we`re learning more this morning about the reasons for their concern. And I`m sure the judge was oversight that she did not include that. I think that she is not taking it seriously at all because her consequences have not been severe to her at all. EPHRIAM: I think there`s going to have to be a time where the judge is going to have to say to her, you`re going to jail. I mean, I wouldn`t come close to acting like that, and the people around her should say to her, come on, Lindsay, alcohol and drugs usually go hand in hand.

HAMMER: That failed alcohol test was just the latest in Lindsay`s legal hiccups. And I want to put Lindsay`s arrest, rehab stance, and lockups, and today`s court chaos into some context here. And she keeps partying and having fun because she doesn`t believe as my pa (ph) used to say that fat meat is greasy. If you have a drug problem, then alcohol is also a substance, and you should just stop all of the substance abuse. Just stick with water so you don`t get in any trouble. If her friends were really her friends, all those people who came over for that party, even if there was no alcohol, which she says, Lindsay says, there was no alcohol at the party, her friends should have said, you know what, not a good time for you to be throwing a party, even if you`re allowed to throw a party. HAMMER: I have to tell you, though, I was at least happy to hear that the judge pointed out to Lindsay you`re extremely guilty of extremely poor judgment.

But today, the judge gave Lindsay a break, by not sending her to jail.

SHAWN HOLLEY, LINDSAY LOHAN`S ATTORNEY: I feel like you guys are all disappointed to hear that, but the reality is she`s done everything right this time.

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She needs to get as clean as possible and to stop lying to herself and the rest of the world. Now, this all happened when Chris weaseled his way out of a parking ticket, then he got ticked at a paparazzi when they arrived. It`s another case of young people having so much power, having influence, and they just don`t believe that they are, you know, that they are held accountable to any particular standard. PINSKY: For the most part, the tabloids are actually very careful about what they report. SHOWBIZ TONIGHT is right there as Lindsay Lohan gets dragged into court after failing an alcohol test, but the judge gives Lindsay a big break. What really caused George Clooney and Elisabetta Canalis to break up? Hammer coming to you from New York City with big news breaking. There are bombshell new developments in two big legal dramas playing out on TV today. (BEGIN VIDEO CLIP) HAMMER (voice-over): Lucky Lindsay. Plus, he`s answering your questions right here in a "Showbiz Newsmaker Interview." The inside story behind George`s shocking split.LITTLEFORD: When she spills cocaine out of her purse and says, well, that`s not mine and expects people to believe her, I think that comes across as entitled.

WYNTER: So, whether it`s the image of an entitled princess like Paris or, sometimes, party boy like Reese Witherspoon`s ex, Ryan Phillippe, some labels are hard to shake.The stunner on Bush’s arm is Melissa Molinaro, an actress trying to make it in the business with a little help from her Kardashian-like looks.