Rejection stories dating

08-Oct-2020 17:36

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Alexine, 18 When I was in Secondary school, I joined Drama as a CCA because I had the biggest crush on the club’s president.

By a stroke of luck, we were paired as a couple for the annual school production.

He was a campus DJ and I’d tune into his programs just to listen to his voice.

During one morning broadcast, he confessed his feelings for a girl he liked by complimenting her looks and personality. It took months before I could see him as a friend again.

Someone brought a few bottles of alcohol and we got drunk while playing ‘Truth or Dare’.. Turns out, he actually liked me too and only reacted that way because he didn’t know how to handle his feelings.

Jamie, 28 I developed a huge crush on this guy at work.

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But for us girls, we’re usually more shy and discreet.

When I woke up, I Facebook messaged him to confirm our plans but realised he had ‘unfriended’ me.