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The permanent magnet motor is what keeps the drill going.

A neodymium magnet is probably essential to the functioning of your computer hard drive.

igneous and metamorphic rocks with zircon, baddeleyite, perovskite, monazite, titanite, rutile, xenotime, pitchblende, thorite, and thorianite; whole rock carbonates; single-mineral grains from sediments Paul M.

Karabinos Thomas Edvard Krogh - Director, Geochronology Laboratory, Royal Ontario Museum, Toronto. Olson - Emeritus Professor of Geology, Whitworth College, Spokane, Washington.

The development of these magnets has played a major role in many of the comforts we experience today.

Every time you pick up a cordless drill, you are probably benefiting from a neodymium magnet.

Because the sintered magnets are susceptible to oxidation, they are usually shielded with a protective coating such as nickel.This higher level of purity led to the use of neodymium in glass making as a purple colorant.The desire to reduce the cost of permanent magnets in their products, led General Motors Corporation (GMC) and Sumitomo Special Metals to pursue a better, more cost-efficient formulation.Neodymium magnets provide the vivid images produced by magnetic resonance imaging (MRI) machines.

And you will find ring magnets using this material in loudspeakers and headphones.

Like all other lanthanide metals, neodymium oxidizes easily.

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